The Art of Production

The Art of Production


Our philosophy is simple… to create, print and produce exceptional products. We have provided this signature service from our inception in 1980, as a film prep company, to our current worldwide printing, design, and manufacturing company.

In this age of rapid innovation, we embrace change as an opportunity to excel, enjoying the fusion of technology with creativity to create permanence. That permanence is derived from the marriage of fine materials, creativity, and craft. We take pride in our creativity and craftsmanship, obsessing over the materials and details, so the quality of each project will be visible at a glance, tactile to the touch and appreciated for generations to come.

Who are we? We’re dyed-in-the-wool print, ink, paper, color, proofing, photography and design obsessives, who live and breathe excellence in the pursuit of perfection. We have well over a century of experience in this business and apply those years of experience to achieve the positive results we expect.


ICLA provides these services, from design and branding to printing and manufacturing products, both nationally and internationally. We have earned a reputation for meeting tight budgets, difficult schedules, and for producing highly engineered and beautiful products. We enjoy our work, so it isn’t work! And our clients testimonials speak for themselves. To us, it is all about The Art of Production.

Based in Los Angeles, ICLA has a national team of experts to communicate directly with our various suppliers, providing accurate information, production oversight, and manufacturing consistency. Clear communication is the foundation of every project, ensuring each final piece is a true reflection of our client’s vision.

So, if you have an exciting project you’re working on let us know.


Clients we’ve helped

What our clients say

“We’ve been with ICLA for the last twenty years. The fact that we’ve stayed with them that long speaks for itself.”
— Steve Pezman, The Surfers Journal
“The ICLA creative team exceeded our expectations in every area. Their design of our book blew us away. They came up with ideas that we had never considered…never knew were even possible. They responded quickly and professionally to our every request or question. They helped us find ways to save money and to get the project done in time for our best selling season. We love these guys.”
— Don Hurzeler, Lava Light Galleries